I'm fascinated by the tactile qualities of paper, its directness as a medium and the potential to transform it with colour, texture and pattern. Using textile techniques such as dyeing, printing, batik and patchwork, I create unique pieces which cross the boundaries between textiles, collage and printmaking.


My paper is handmade and coloured using various natural materials including cotton, tea, spices and onion skins; for warp I have used cotton, silk and metallic threads.


Earlier pieces here intimate nature’s part in the sacred cycle, celebrating sky, earth, water, sun and moon in variously textured handmade papers and fragments of poetry. In later works I have revisited my early training as a weaver, experimenting with handmade paper, warp threads and natural sources such as garden prunings, to find a new style and structure!













"..a masterful blend of techniques, and encompassing the highest standards of craftsmanship and skill."


                                           David Highet, Town Mill Galleries, Lyme Regis.









Rachel Jennings

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Textiles & Illustration