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The open star-gazing place

Cuckoo Rock


The Rowan, or Mountain Ash, provides a welcome splash of colour in late summer, its bright berries proving irresistible to the birdlife of Dartmoor.


Spinster's Rock,     a neolithic tomb near Drewsteignton,  was called 'Lle Yspiennwr rhongoa' by the Celts, a name which translates as 'the open star-gazing place'.


Dartmoor is a rich habitat for wildlife and has a wealth of birds, including the redstart, blackcap, stonechat, cuckoo and, of course, the skylark.

Rachel Jennings

Dartmoor greetings cards

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Bowerman was a hunter, who disturbed a coven of witches whilst chasing a hare one evening. As punishment he stands encased in stone on Hayne Down forever.

Tolmen4x6 merristone4x6

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Dartmoor Birds

Theories abound as to the purpose of the double stone rows at Merrivale. Possibly they were

a ‘natural calendar’, being aligned with the Pleiades, a constellation used by the ancient Greeks to predict harvest time.

Said to ward off rheumatism  in anyone who passes through it, this boulder on the banks  of the river Teign derives       its name from  the Celtic ‘tol’ (hole) and ‘maen’ (stone). 

Star-rise at Merrivale

The Tolmen


Bowerman's Nose

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Snow at Vixen Tor


Legend has it that Vixen Tor was once the home of the evil witch Vixiana, who lured unwary travellers to their deaths in the bog below.

Brenttor4x6 SiwardsCrosssmall

Named after the Saxon Earl Siward, this granite cross stands at the intersection of the Abbots Way & the Monks Path, which cross the moor to link Buckfast, Tavistock & Buckland Abbeys.

Siward's Cross

According to one legend St Michael’s Church on Brent Tor was built with the help of  the Archangel Michael, who thwarted the Devil’s attempts to demolish it each night.

Brent Tor Midwinter

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