Birch Tor with

Aces Fields

Haytor Midsummer

Crockern Tor

The four distinctively shaped fields near Birch Tor are said to mark the spot where gambler Jan Reynolds dropped his cards as he was carried off by the Devil.

Haytor, with its panoramic views of both moor and coast, is probably the most distinctive and well-visited tor on Dartmoor.

Crockern Tor is reputed to be the home of Old Crockern, the ancient spirit of Dartmoor, who keeps his fearsome pack of Wisht Hounds in nearby Wistman's Wood and hunts the moors on dark nights.

Rachel Jennings

Dartmoor greetings cards

BirchCol HaytorSummer3 crockern4 honeybee2

Arguably the most poetically named of Dartmoor's tors, although the derivation of the name remains a mystery.


Although later adopted by the Dartmoor tinners, the three hares emblem is actually an ancient symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Honeybag Tor


Full Moon at Hare Tor



Brent Tor


According to one legend St. Michael’s Church on Brent Tor was built with the help of  the Archangel Michael, who thwarted the Devil’s attempts to demolish it each night.

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